Be rewarded with a voucher worth $40* per Dell™ PowerEdge™ server!

Dear Partner,

Dell™ and Intel® are excited to announce the launch of the Dell™ Volume Server Boost (VSB) Program for Q4FY19!

This program will reward your extremely valuable efforts in selling Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

Rewards worth $40* per Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2S server

Are available for every Dell™ PowerEdge™ 13G or 14G 2-socket server with  Intel Xeon® E5-2620V3/V4 and higher processors purchased from Aptec an Ingrammicro  between November 18th 2018 and January 18th 2019 for Q4FY19.


* Please see the Reward-CPU model scheme below.







Terms & Conditions


·        An incentive of value $40 is available per Dell PowerEdge 13G or 14G 2-socket server powered by Intel Xeon® E5-2620 V3/V4 and higher processors purchased, according to the Reward-CPU model scheme below:

o   $40 value incentive for PowerEdge servers purchased with any of the CPUs below:

    • $40 / 200TL value incentive for PowerEdge servers purchased with any of the CPUs below: :
      E5-2620V3/V4, E5-2623V3/V4, E5-2630V3/V4, E5-2630LV3/V4, E5-2637V3/V4, E5-2640V3/V4, E5-2643V3/V4, E5-2650V3/V4, E5-2650LV3/V4, E5-2660V3/V4, E5-2667V3/V4, E5-2670V3/V4, E5-2680V3/V4, E5-2683V3/V4, E5-2690V3/V4, E5-2695V3/V4, E5-2697V3/V4, E5-2698V3/V4, E5-2699V3/V4, SP 4110, SP 4114, SP 4116, SP51xx, SP 61xx
    • The following processor SKUs are excluded  from the program: All non-Xeon branded (ie. desktop/mobile), all EIA & off-roadmap, all E3 & E5 16xx/E14xx sku’s, E5603, E5606, E5607, E5-2403, E5-2403v2, E5-2407, E5-2407v2,  E5-2603, E5-2603v2, E5-2609xx, E5-2622xx, E5-2629xx, E5-2652xx, E5-2685xx.


·        The purchases made between  November 19th 2018 and January 18th 2019 will be eligible for rewards in Q4FY19.



·        The total available rewards are limited and this program is valid only while stocks last and until program budget is depleted.

·        Payouts will be done in the form of up front discounts.

·        The rewards will be allocated on First come First Served basis, based on invoice dates.

·        Incentives are NOT cash rebates, are NOT cash discounts.

·        Dell and Aptec an Ingrammicro company keep the right to make any changes in the program, without any prior notification.

·        Rewards will be given in the form of up front discounrt



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