Statement of Attendance

The undersigned has been invited and wishes to participate in Test Drive - PowerProtect Cyber Recovery - an event organized by Ingram Micro to be held virtually for Gulf on 18th October 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”). Taking into account that the cost for the entry pass to the Event will be covered by Ingram Micro (or one of its subsidiaries, hereinafter referred to as “Ingram Micro”), in consideration of the opportunity to participate in the Event, I acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. I hereby confirm that my participation in the Event has been authorized by my employer and that none of the costs paid by Ingram Micro to that regard are contrary to the requirements of the local law or to the policies of my employer. I accept that participation in the Event is offered by Ingram Micro as an act of good will without any obligation for me or my employer to confer any business advantage to Ingram Micro or its business partners. My participation is voluntary and my independence will not be affected by my participation. I agree that if I find the offering of any rewards or my participation in the Event to constitute an attempt by Ingram Micro or vendor or another party to obtain or retain any business from me or my employer or any end-user or reward me for performing a relevant function improperly, or if participation in the Event or the receipt of any rewards from the Event is not permitted under my company’s or employer’s policies or applicable laws, I will disregard the offering and refrain from participating in the Event.
  2. I understand and agree that Ingram Micro will only cover the cost for the entry pass to the Event and will not pay for any other cost. Any cost related to travel, accommodation, transport, and daily expenses will be covered by the company/organization I work for.
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